A downloadable game for Windows

It's a brand new day and you're in charge of the facilities new monstrosity! 

Take good care of it and make sure to write everything down you observe, your job and your life depends on it!

(Yes it's Lobotomy corp inspired, no it's not referencing any actual Lobotomy corp characters.)

(Feel free to send me a message if you find a bug)

This game may require rtp data to run, rpg maker vx ace rtp data download:


For those who have trouble with the .exe file here's a separate mediafire link for a .zip file. Enjoy!


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(12 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsHorror, RPG Maker, Virtual Pet


Monstrosity.exe 70 MB


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knock knock my beloved


How do I get work orders?


To get the big work order you need to have all of the other information filled out 


I have all of the rest filled out? :/

Im not being able to download it, im not very sure why, i have also tried multiple ways to download but its still not working. Is there any way you can help me with that?

if the exe file on the itch page isn't working scroll down and there's a mediafire link of a zip file for the game

Ok thank you, i will see if it works

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Why did she have to die in the end? ;-;


Don't worry Knock Knock isn't dead, she regenerates so she's totally fine!


But why dont it stay at abbilitys, That she can regenerate?

it keeps failing while trying to extract the files :( i have the RTP installed too, so i'm not sure what the issue could be... is there a way you could upload the folder in a .zip file so we can download them directly?


I've added a mediafire link with the zip file, hope that helps! :D


it works!! Thank you so much :^D <3

Will it be on android?

Apologies but it won't be, I don't exactly know how to make games for android just yet


I can't get the last Observation.  The "door" only appeared once and I accidentally interrupted. The part of me that needs to "complete" all parts of the game is frustrated.

Don't worry, just wait a few more times for her to go off screen, if she's doing a different idle animation just reset her and you should be able to get it pretty easy!

she's run through the idles several times... her favorite is to knock on the window. Maybe it's bugged for me now :(

Make sure she's had an A+ day the day before you try, or else that animation won't show up


thank you!! <3


The game was really fun, it reminded me of playing with a tamagotchi that was capable of killing me if I didn’t feed. It’s a shame in the end, requiring so much grind to get the final items. I found myself just sitting around on runs to gather the resources for the last actions I needed to record. Also like the twist at the end of the game, I have no idea why I did not see it coming.

Overall the game was fun, and loved the cutest idea of monitoring a pet monster.

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for playing it!

anyone else not able to start the download?

Works normally. Are you using javascript blockers (f.e ScriptSafe on Chrome?) in your browser? 

im not using anything that blocks java

Is there an ending?

yes there is, once you collect all the information there's an ending

Thank you! It turns out i only nedeed to wait until she knocks the door, and that's it:>
Great game, great twist ay the end! How did i not understand from the start why scientist has a number...

The game crashes unexpectedly during the "Talk" section after I give her/it my name, any way to temporary fix it?

How exactly is it crashing? I haven't seen this bug so I would like to know so I can fix it

It gives me an MVC++ Runtime error after the question "what is your name" - "lets get to know each other better. it crashes on "how her house was", if you do the exact same talk twice in a row. If you want i can make a video to show it to you.

that would be lovely if you could, I'll test it tomorrow as well to try and solve the issue

Sorry for the late answer. Here you go.

I have no idea what could cause it.

Okay I am super duper sorry, I have no idea what's causing that bug I honestly can't figure out what it is or how to replicate it on my end so I'm really sorry! Not sure how to fix it in the slightest

from window 10, the application fail to extract the files, i tried to instal the RTP nothing change, what can i do?

Im not sure, all I can think of us make sure you have the vx ace version of rtp installed and reinstall the game

Sorry about that

is there a way to make it bigger, or fullscreen? 

Sadly there's no full-screen button or way to change the size. Rpg maker vx ace is just stuck at that size


Open game, press Alt+Enter. Pretty oldschool, but works.

i hope there is no jumpscares :)


I am a total weenie, are there any jumpscares?


There's a few moments where it may spook you but nothing like a full jumpscare 



oozes lobotomy corporation style! love it.