A downloadable game for Windows

リーチ (Reach)

A short YNFG about an adult named Sewa
who wants to have a party with their friends

Currently has:

3 Effects
About 7 worlds & a 7/11
2 different text box windows
1 Friend
1 Bonus room
2 Easter eggs

[W] [S] [A] [D] = Movement
[SPACE] [ENTER] [Z] = Interact
[C] [X] = Menu
[A] = Use effect

(There may be bugs)



Reach.exe 80 MB


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I really enjoyed this game! The character designs were pretty unique! The worlds to explore were interesting and charming, my favorite being the dock/water/beach area. I really love how you tied in the effects with character design! I'd definitely love to see and explore more of this world you've created. (Especially after finding the bonus room!) I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!


I can't tell you how happy your video made me, the fact I got to watch you figure out all the parts of the game. It was exactly how I hoped people would react and feel as they played it!!!
(small notes, if you talk to my little sprite in the dev room after the initial conversation you can see a bunch of the concept art, and there's now a walkthrough so you can check and see if there's anything you missed! you honestly did a great job finding most everything though!!! https://yumenikkifg.fandom.com/wiki/%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%81_(Reach)/guide )


I just went back in the game to talk to your sprite again. Seeing the concept art and hearing you talk about your game is really fascinating! Thanks for letting me know and for the link to the walkthrough! Also thanks for watching the video! :D