A downloadable game for Windows

A small demo about a young girl Key and a regular day for her.

The demo is short anywhere from around 5 to 10 minutes with 3 little endings.

(Currently still in development, aimed release: 2021)

Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows for movement
Z & Enter to interact
X & C for menu
A for sneaking
Shift: For sprint and to go through text faster


Art, mapping, characters: Sai (Sais-Scribble-Corner)

Music & Sounds: Alexander Nakarada, Kevin MacLeod, 
Rafael Krux, freepd, presence-of-music, and freesound

Scripts: Zerbu, Yanfly, Galv, Seer UK, and OriginalWij

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsCute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, fish, jellyfish, pastel, Pixel Art, RPG Maker

Install instructions

If you are unable to open please install the RTP RPGMAKER VX ACE package 



TJGAAA.exe 40 MB


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this is so great!!!
*praying to Baal for full version release*


the game is amazing, i loved it :(( the art style is very cute and the story is fun, i loved everything <33

Deleted 84 days ago

oh you can absolutely translate the demo into Vietnamese go ahead!!
and hopefully I can, this year has had a few bumps in the way of game progress unfortunately 

Deleted 84 days ago

the art style is so adorable!! i'm excited for more :D

Aaaaaaa I hope the full game comes out soon!

i downloaded it but it just wont start

u have to download this first: 

install the RTP RPGMAKER VX ACE package 


and then what else do i do to make it work?

u have to click on the file and open it, and inside there should be something called “game”.  Open it and it should work, make sure you downloaded the right one for ur computer!

Deleted 1 year ago

i dont see it...

did you make sure to open files and click on the download one? what r u playing on?

i havent downloaded it yet but i love the game when manlybadasshero played it and it seemed fun but please tell be if there is any viruses or softwears before i download it to my family computer ty


No it's not a virus itch.io is place where alot of famous youtubers dowload the games and it's completly safe

I really enjoyed playing this demo through, I especially enjoyed the aesthetic and tone of the game + plot overall! Can't wait to see the finished product<33 



I cannot play this because I keep getting asked to extract folder over and over and over and over and-



Pretty good, I think the visuals and story so far to be very compelling and interesting.

Good luck with your project!


This is the cutest way I have ever been repeatedly murdered! 🥰

have you played purrfect apawcalypse? I'ts another game where you get murdered cutely over and over lol

I haven't, but now I'm definitely intreagued! 😁


This game is so amazing!!!!!!! I love it so much?? Something about the music, character designs, and style is just?? hrhghgrhg I can't wait for the full thing!!


I downloaded the correct RTP thing, but I still get "extract failed" errors and cannot play :(


I had such a good time playing this! It’s style is one of a kind, and I loved that such a brief experience had so many endings! I’m looking forward to the full release; this has what it takes to be something special! 


This demo was a real joy to play. The mechanics, design and story all come together to create a delicious little treat. Can't wait to see what Key's day will hold in store for the future!

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Warning This Game contains extremely Dark content. The developer has not Included a content warning on the game. Due to the appearance of the game page users could be misled into thinking that this is a very light hearted and wholesome game when it is not.

Other than that Issue I'd say the game is still a very cute and fun game.

Thank you for this, i was just about to start recording when i saw this 😅 i like to include warnings, so thank you!

nevermind, i can't play because i don't have what i need for it, but thanks for the warning anyways!


This is SO GOOD!! I can't wait till the full game comes out. 



The demo is amazing! I was fascinated with the game mechanics, the details, the editing techniques, the painting, the story. Before starting the game, and after finishing it, I spent a good few minutes admiring, because it's amazing. The game mechanics and their characters are fascinating - it's a beautiful job. It earned me fun moments. Thank you!

I am interested in translating it. Would you authorize a demo translation into Portuguese?



Oh absolutely!!!!! And I'm so glad you liked it!!! Thank you so much!!!

Oh, thank you very much! Is there an email or some way to contact you? I'm trying on tumblr, but I didn't succeed.

I will need the font names used in the images.

The font used in the images is Verdana.

Thanks for the permission. I wish you success.
Here and here.

Thank you and have a nice day,


Edit: Oh, I mean the font used in the kitchen scenes and the loading scene. 


I must admit, that was quite cute. I can't wait to see where this goes.



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KAWAII KAWAII KAWAII!!! ITS SO CUTEE!! Although the first ending I achieved wasn't so kawaii.. Also the last one TvT Also I saw some files that aren't for the game.. Is that normal? For example I saw a file called "thunder"

My girlfriend loved watching me play through this demo and was wondering how progress was coming on the full game? She also loves jellyfish! (which is how we found your game)

Progress is slow but moving! I'm currently ironing out all the details on paper first so I can transfer them later, I'm so glad you two liked it!!!!!

Hi ! Just wanted to say this is AMAZING ! One of the best games I have ever played on here even though its only a demo !!



Hi, I really liked your game!

and I would like my Spanish speaking community to know it, that's why I would like to ask for your permission to translate it into Spanish.

YEAH!!! Go ahead that'd be really cool!!